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Tele -pickups and re-wire

It's not unusual for players to have pickups changed out in search of "that" sound but not so usual to have reason to change them on a brand new instrument but this 50's Tele from Fenders new Vintera series came with a remarkably hot set,in particular the bridge which turned out to be reading over 9k....apart from some very early units while there was still some experimentation going on by Fender,real 50's Teles read from around 7k to 7.8K,dropping during the 60's to about 6.4k.

This Tele was to have a set of Fender True Vintage '64 pickups installed the preference being for staggered poles on the bridge which reads a more period correct 6.4k.These came in about 1955 around the same time the brass bridge saddles gave way to plain steel for a while before threaded bridges were introduced,therefore a set of these were to be fitted as well.Cloth wire and a bigger .047 tone cap would be used as a nod to a more vintage specific identity though the neck/both/middle switching was still a good way off 1956. As a final nod to the year a top hat was fitted to the selector,the small round tip having gone about this time as well.

..decent quality pots,switch and plastic covered wire though the tiny ceramic cap has a real far eastern budget guitar feel to it....

..the cloth covered wire of the vintage spec pickups is matched throughout and a quality Sozo capacitor fitted...along with the more practical and now period correct top hat..

The pickups certainly made a big difference,a clearer,richer tone both clean and with drive. It might be my imagination but playing the guitar unplugged both before and and after I felt the steel saddles to be giving a slightly clearer,more focused tone but it is a very marginal effect.

..time travel courtesy of reality while custom colours were becoming established as an option for players very,very few Teles were treated compared to the flashier Strat.....they were a seriously utilitarian instrument...and yes,I knoe the scratchplate screws are missing,I was still working on set up and pickup height adjustment..

Overall a very pleasant and informative job and the sound is transformed.

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Nethan Paul
Nethan Paul
Jun 16, 2020

The content of the article is very good and elaborative on tele pickups and rewire processes. Rewire process is very interesting and I came to know about it. I am an enthusiastic person on guitar repair and have replaced the Les Paul bridge ( part of my own guitar successfully. I need to continue the guitar repair and am glad to know about the rewiring process.

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